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Manufacturer and exporter of ring frame spares, spinning machine parts, ring spinning machinery spare parts, textile machinery parts

Goldbat Group Corporation Limited, professionally produces textile machinery parts in China.

Our business scope:                   

a. textile machine spare parts:
    Autoconer spares ( Savio Espero M/L, Orion M/L, Savio Polar-M; Murata 7-II, 7-V, 21C; Schlafhorst 238, 338, X5, AC5 ) 
    Roving frame parts( FL16, FL12, FA421, FA423, FA4421, FA4423, FA425, FA426, FA420, FA422, FA487, FA488 etc. )
    TFO parts ( Murata NO.363 NO.364 NO.373 NO.383; Volkmann VTS-07 VTS-08 VTS-09 VTS-10 VTS-11)
    Ring spinning frame parts ( Jingwei, Rieter, Toyota, Zinser, Marzoli )
    Comber spares ( Rieter, HARA, Marzoli, NSC )    
    Fluff cleaning gun 
    Muratec double winder parts ( No.23)

b. transmission belt, conveyor belt, timing belt, V-belting

c. used textile machinery 

The company is currently exporting to South Aisa, Southeast Aisa, Central Aisa, the Middle East, Africa, America.

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